Private Media Cloud

Secure Premium File Hosting

Our private network server cloud is managed by senior level server administrators and security experts. Our service is NOT open source and there is no API. Private Media Cloud servers are hosted in a private, closed network, which makes us very hard to hack.

Service Features

top security

Obsessive Security

Automated and Manual monitoring of traffic and usage 24/7. We block hundreds of thousands of rogue IPs and ISPs every day. Our proprietary security solution virtually eliminates the possibility of being hacked. Intrusion is detected almost immediately and rogue IPs are blocked within minutes. Our network endures DDOS attacks daily with little to no effect on performance. Our private solution ensures security and protection for your most important files.

team and client file sharing

Teams and Clients

Add secure bins for employees and clients to share files with you. Quickly create new private bins with password-protected FTP and web-based access. Send the login to your team or client, then view and manage any bin from your admin panel. Create unlimited bins and folders for your projects.

easy to use

Easy to Use

Intuitive file management makes our system easy to use as soon as you sign in. There's nothing to learn. Sign in, drag and drop your files, and keep moving on with your day.

Our Services and Pricing

custom development
Custom Development

Our programmers and server techs can develop a custom system to your specifications. We've built secure billing systems, Intranets, mobile platforms, content management systems, and thousands of websites. We also offer START-UP (pay-as-you-grow) web development. Affordable rates and fast delivery.

contact us
Contact Us

We're available to answer your questions anytime, day or night, and even weekends. Our techs are always monitoring our servers, so there's usually someone to pick up a phone. Private Media Cloud is a service of PKS Consulting, which is located in North Carolina, USA.